LaRue Enterprises Owned by William A. LaRue

"A Royal Pain"
Super Modified TWD Pulling Truck

Personal Info
Owner: William A. LaRue
Driver: William A. LaRue
Hometown: Charlton, NY
Birthdate: September 24, 1974
Spouse Name: Erin LaRue

Children's name(s): Matthew , Crystal, Zach, Lucas
Occupation: Custom Woodworker, Engine Builder, Hay farmer
Team Members: Albert LaRue and Friends
Pulling since: 1990

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Truck Specs:
Gray Truck; 1933 Plymouth
Purple Truck: 1937 Plymouth PT-50
Chassis: Eder/LaRue Built
Gray Truck: 575 Arias Hemi w/14-71 Hi-helix blower, fuel-injected
Purple Truck: 540 Chevy w/8-71 blower
Spare Engines:
540 Rodack w/8-71 blower
505 Chevy w/8-71 blower
Driveline: SCS reverser/ LaRue Built
Rear ends: Rockwell Custom built
Tires: Dick Cepek 18.4x16.1

2013 Sponsors:

Not just building custom wood pieces,
Creating heirlooms for the future



Special Thanks to my parents and
LaRue Farms

Personal Accomplishments:
Finished 2nd out of 27 for the 2010 NYTPA Points
Finished 5th out of 26 for the 2009 NYTPA points
1997 VTPA point champ
3rd place 1996 Region IV National points
1996 NYTPA Puller of the Year
2001 Rookie Puller of the Budweiser Super National Wisconsin Dairyland Truck and Tractor Pull

Pictures from the Past