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Prices as of November 2016


RTV Pulled Groomers

6X10 - 6 Spring Mounted blades with Hydraulic Lift system and Hydraulic Wheel lift system

Plenty of ground clearance in lifted mode

6'X10' 6 trip blade model

Available with a floating hitch that can also be pinned solid

Wheels in up position

Wheels in down position

Wheels can be pinned down for storage or transport

Greasers on pivot points for wheels

Adjustable skid plates

Ball or pintle hitch available with jack lift
6X10 - 6 Spring Mounted blades with 12v Lift system and 12v Wheel lift system

6X10 - 5 Solid Mounted blades with 12v Lift system

5X8 - 3 Spring Mounted blades with Hydrualic Lift system and 12v wheel lift system

5'X8' 3 blade Model

Solid pintel eye

Electric screw jack available on wheel lift

Snowmobile Pulled Trail Groomers

6' Single-Two spring reset Blades with 12v lift and 12v wheel kit
4' Single spring reset blade with 12v height adjuster and 12v wheel kit
Ultra Light Personal Groomers

*Comparison between standard and custom built.

*High Profile ball goose-neck style hitch with/without brake-away

*Triple hard-edged solid mounted blades

*Pintle style Hitch with full use of carrier basket on sled.
*Seven prong plug for UP/DOWN and charging  battery (extra)

Custom Personal Groomers

*Side profile view

*Rear view, hydraulics, SMV and flashers

*Front view

*Side view of top snow shield and hydraulic cylinder

*Triple Blade, hard-edged, spring reset, trip blades

*Electro-Hydraulic lift and battery

*Rear Wheels
*Plastic, battery and electro-hydraulic, cover

*Easy access UP/DOWN controls


XC Ski groomers


Quick-attach solid suspension /pintle hitch

When not being used for grooming;
Four bolts removes solid suspension bars to return sled back to full rear suspension travel, then two 1/4" bolts removes rest of solid suspension

Without solid suspension kit              With Solid Suspension kit


2010 Skandic


  Highly recommended for reasons:
1)  Takes all down-force pressure off the aluminum tunnel and transfers it directly to the track

2)  Stops rear of sled from moving therefore stops unwanted groomer depth variations allowing for a MUCH nicer grooming job, WITHOUT compromising front or mid suspension of sled.
3)  With this solid suspension, the sled turns almost the same radius either towing the groomer of not hooked to anything.  Without this solid suspension  the sled virtually will not turn due to the weight beyond the fulcrum for the rear suspension which in-return takes all the weight off the skis.
4)  Using the Pintle hitch  with the solid suspension the sled WILL turn shorter then using a ball hitch, and the groomer will follow the sled around a tighter turn due to the mounting position of each type of hitch.
(the same as a tag-along trailer versus a goose-neck trailer) 
5)  Pintle hitch has no limitations to movement like a ball hitch does.
6)  Using a pintle hitch also allows for the full use of the basket on the sled.

Other Notes:

1) All Trail Plane models come with the blades at an angle of appox. 60 degrees instead of straight up like all our competition groomers.

A) The angled-back blade works on the same principle as ANY agricultural plow allowing the blades to use the earth's gravity and friction forces as an efficiency tool on the smaller groomers. As the blades start into the snow they want to go deeper forcing more down force to the sled giving the sled more traction. *Using a 2000 Ski-Doo Skandic SWT, (pulling a single blade 45", 220 lbs. Trail Plane), testing showed that when the groomer starts into a large hard mogul, the Trail Plane would develop enough down force to bottom-out the rear suspension, (an extra 300-400 Lbs. more on the back of the sled for more traction), allowing for a 4-6" deep cut!

B) We have had to use a "snow catch curl" (the curved pieces above the blade and the large tin shield over the front blades on the bigger groomers) because the snow is thrown up instead of "balling" in front of the blades, like all of our competition.

1) This allows the blades to stay clear and do a much better job grooming instead of trying to ride up and over the snow that is in front of the blades.
2) The curl also acts as a carrier for the excess snow to be dropped into a low spot when needed.
3) The curl is also 1" above ground level which allows an even spread of snow at all times for the packer pan to pack.
4) The large shield over top of the front blades, on the larger groomers, is for greater grooming speeds (7-10mph without losing any snow over the top of the groomer). This shield deflects the snow back down into the "snow catch curl" allowing the groomer to do its job.

2) All the 12v actuator lift units on the Trail Plane groomers use solid mount hitch instead of a floating hitch like the competition because of the use of the ½" side rails, instead of the use of box side rails which allows the groomer frame to slice through the snow bumps instead of riding over the top of them.

A) The solid mount actuator allows the groomer to work the same exact way as a wood plane, with a blade centered between two solid points(the back of the sled and the packer pan).
|B) The depth of cut is determined by the operator, (instead of pre-setting the depth of the blades below the box side railing). Because the ½" rails will cut into the snow, where the box side rails are designed to act as skies that ride on top the snow, this allows the Trail Plane to do a better, flatter, smother job.
C) If the side rails do get bent, they can be straightened instead of having to be replaced liked the box side railing.

NOTE: "Bridging" the sled and groomer between two bumps is not a concern because the operator can keep that from happening because of the speed of the hydraulics over the electric screw.


All Standard groomers starting at only

Single Blade w/ Manual Height Adj

Thriple Blade w/ 12v actuator

5/6 Blade w/ 12v actuator

Standard Features
  • Light weight Starting at only 250 lbs
  • Spring trip Blade(s)
  • Easy-to-use manual blade height adjuster on single blade models and 12v actuators on larger multi-blade units         
  • 12V electric acuator lift system
  • Single hardened straight blade
  • Hydraulic Lift system for units with on-board hydrualics
  • Snow catcher, leveler, and packer pan
  • Multiple blades, 2-6 additional angled blades, to the straight "Planing" blade
  • 360° swivel hitch
  • Solid Mounted Wheel Kit
  • SMV emblem
  • 12v Electric Lift Wheel Kit
  • Easy grip rear lift handles on smaller units
  • Hydrualic Lift Wheel Kit (for units with on-board hydrualics)
  • Bright red for visibility
  • Snowmobile Pintle Eye
  • Comes with break-away draw pins
  • Large Pintle Eye
  • Adjustable and replaceable guide shoes
  • Ball Hitch
  • I.D. tagged with serial number
  • Custom Color Paint
  • 12v LED Flasher lights
  • 12v Strobe Light
  • XC-Ski snowcomb
  • XC-Ski Track setter
  • 12v Electric lift XC-Ski Track setter
  • 12" spring overlap wings



Availiable Options:

Snowmobile Pintle Eye - $30.00
LargePintle Eye - $100.00
Ball Hitch - $125.00
2000lbs 12V Electric Actuator Lift (standard on larger groomers)- $700.00
Hydraulic Cylinder and hoses - $350.00
Spring Reset Trip Blades - $350 per blade
Solid Mounted Wheels - $300.00
Hydraulic Lift Wheels - $500 (without Cylinder)
2000lbs 12v Electric Wheel Lift - $900.00
XC-Ski Snow Comb - $200.00-$360
XC-Ski Track Setter - $500.00
2000lbs 12v Electric Actuator Setter - $750.00
XC-Ski Trail 1' Wings - $350.00
Snowmobile Solid Suspension - $450.00(old style suspension)
$650(New style suspension)

NOTE: Custom units and sled hitches also available, ask for details.

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